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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". 
Nelson Mandela

Everyone loves a baby, but not everyone understands a baby and his or her development. Glenwood Center for Early Childhood emphasizes the individual through affection and stimulation. Our program stresses security and familiarity through the following: familiar and nurturing adults, familiar settings, regular touching, playing and communication. A daily report of your infant’s day goes home each night giving you the pertinent information about your child’s day.


Our Songbird room is licensed for 10 infants ages 6 weeks to 12 months. We maintain a lower than state mandated ratio of 1 adult to 4 children or 3 adults to 10 children for our total group size. We supply the following foods: baby food, baby cereal, and iron-fortified formula.


Our Songbird room has a seperate crib room, which allows the children to nap on their own schedule without disruptions from other children who may be playing.



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