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Glenwood is Hiring!
We are looking for energetic, happy and positive individuals who have a heart for working with young children. Please contact us for more information.

Our Philosophy

At Glenwood Center, we believe that God created each of us to be a unique and special person. We respect and encourage each child’s unique personality as we strive to meet each child’s social, emotional, physical, and educational needs. We believe that children learn best when they experience something first-hand, therefore we encourage children to try new things, and do many day-to-day tasks for themselves. Children gain a great deal of satisfaction from learning to do new things as they grow, but we are always ready to help when a child asks. We provide a variety of learning experiences for children – a large variety of materials for art, many early literacy and language experiences, and opportunities to develop small and large motor skills. In all areas, we seek to build strong values in children – respect for themselves and other people. We consider ourselves partners in your child’s growth and development.


We are happy you are here! 

Glenwood Center is a Head Start Partnership Center and Step Up to Quality 3 Star rated! Check us out, then give us a call with any questions you may have! 


Wishing you well,

Whitney Cassady



We open at 7:00am, Monday through Friday

Children must be dropped off no later than 9:00am.

We close at 5:30pm.

Let's Connect
2833 Valleyview Drive
Columbus, OH 43204


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